LIFE ON THE MAT 225 hour yoga alliance teacher training

Our life on the mat begins to incrementally transform our life off the mat, so that as we learn to be more sensitive, vulnerable, conscious and aware through our practice in whatever shape our practice happens to take, our lives reflect the ability to stay in a place that is more present.  It is as if the mat is the microcosm to the macrocosm of our lives and the whole world.  How we arrive in that space and what happens there becomes the platform and catalyst for how we live in the world. 

Life on the Mat 225 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified teacher training program is richly based on three principles that we believe are the essence to a student’s growth in their practice; Integrity, embodiment, and taking the seat of a teacher.  With our collective experience and various backgrounds, our constant objective is to provide a conscious arena where students can take the seat of a teacher with integrity and embody the values of a contemporary yogi living in today’s world. Whether you are interested in deepening your practice or aspire to instruct, our foundational trainings invite you to engage in your own evolution as you learn the academics and practical elements of teaching yoga with the opportunity to apply, express, and execute all that you absorb in your unique fashion. Our teachings are a blend of inspiration from the traditions of Hatha, Ashtanga, Anusara and Jivamukti yoga that creates the art of vinyasa yoga.

Life On The Mat Teacher Training will provide a comprehensive education and understanding of yogic life that includes the fundamentals of meditation, pranayama (breath work) and physical yoga postures within a vinyasa practice. Study the theoretical and philosophical aspects of the Yoga Sutras with an introduction to the chakra system as well as yogic lifestyle and ethics. Students will take an in depth look at the physiological and anatomical human body and learn to teach to every kind of student with intelligent sequencing and give hands-on adjustments. The business of yoga and how to make teaching a viable career will be included as part of the course curriculum.

Program Creators: Sari Nisker –Fox & Tracey Belanger-Soghrati

Prerequisites: No formal training experience is required to register for Life On The Mat Yoga Teacher Training programs; however, due to the intensity of the course, it is advised that you have had at least one year of a regular yoga practice prior to the start of the course. You will be required to take a class with our program director(s) if you are new to the Spynga community.

Complimentary Yoga! One of the greatest benefits of participating in the Spynga’s Yoga Teacher Training program is you will be given a complimentary package of classes during the course of your training. 


225 hours of Yoga Study Include:

Overview of Course:

Required Readings:

You will be required to hand-in assignments based on yogic readings that are essential to your study during the training. There are 6 books that you will have to purchase in addition to receiving a LIFE ON THE MAT YTT manual. These books provide an important foundational library of yoga texts that all teachers should have. The books are easy to find at any local bookstore or online.

Certificate Requirements to complete 225 Hour Program:

In addition to attending the entire 10 day intensive to accumulate required contact hours, students will have 4 months from the start of the training to complete the following contact and non-contact required hours in order to receive their 225 Hour Yoga Alliance Certificate of Completion:

LIFE ON THE MAT 225 Hour VIRTUAL Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Don’t live in Toronto? You will feel like you are in the classroom with us. We will be streaming all sessions LIVE with the faculty members. You will have the ability to ask questions and participate but from your very own home.

Please note: these sessions will NOT be recorded. You must attend all hours required between the set dates of the training. Please click here to verify course hours.

Gudielines to enroll in Life on the Mat “virtual” teacher training:

To view Life on The Mat 225 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training SPRING 2015 INTENSIVE Dates + to download application please go to SCHEDULE OF TRAININGS


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